What do Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, and the People of Iran have in common?

Week 1: Diving In

by David Derrico davidderrico

They all have cleverly used social media in promoting their objectives whether it was in organizing a presidential election, promoting a website, or trying to get the word out about political issues during a media lockdown. I used to think social media was something teenagers did to pass along high school gossip with their friends.  I recently read statistics by comScore that placed 45-54 year olds as the largest age group of users on Twitter. I guess the world has changed.  If countries, Presidents, and new media mavericks have all hopped on board, can the legal profession be far behind?
Allow me to share my insights.  I am an attorney by trade, and will be immersing myself in this new world of social media for the next three months. I am currently enrolled in a marketing course with a focus on the changing landscape of marketing.  Adrian has invited me to write occasionally on his blog, and has generously agreed to offer me weekly marketing guidance.  How does one use social networking?  Is Twitter better than Facebook? Who are the primary users of these networks? How can these new tools be leveraged to increase awareness, share ideas, and promote a business objective?

I invite everyone to follow me and as I learn I will share my experiences. In return I would like to learn from you, so please comment and offer suggestions.
It was Lao-tzu that said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Well, this is my first step, the Twitter account is created, let the tweets begin!

David Derrico


My guest writer David Derrico, esq has decided to dive in to social media.  Every Monday his blog posts will illustrate what he has learned, and what he has to share.  Hopefully those of you new to social media will find his posts helpful.  In addition, I will be holding FREE weekly conference calls each Friday at 10:00 AM EST to help new professionals as they try to figure out social media.  This Friday’s call is titled, “3 Steps to Making a Great First Impression Online” and you can sign up for the call here.


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