The Social Media Couple Costume

So my wife and I have been married for going on 4 years this December and a few weeks ago my wife complained to me that, “We NEVER have creative Halloween costumes.”  So this year, in order to appease the boss, we designed “The Social Media Couple” costume.  My wife is dressed stylishly in her Facebook Halloween Costume, while I myself am sporting a Twitter Halloween Costume matching the accents on my personal Twitter page:

Facebook Halloween Costume- Twitter Halloween Costume

Facebook Halloween Costume- Twitter Halloween Costume

To point out a few of the features of my wife’s Facebook costume I have made a list:
1. Live stream of funny conversation between the party attendees on the front of the my wife’s costume
2. Party attendees pictures, “friends” along the arms.
3. “Poke” tab on the arm
4. Weird Facebook advertisement on her other arm (you can’t escape them)
5. And on her back- you can write on her wall.

Long story short, we were the unanimous winners of the “Most Creative Costume” award. We won a huge caramel apple. Well worth the 3 hours it took to put our costumes together. If you need a married couple Halloween costume idea, feel free to use ours.


Voir Dire: Making Sense of Social Media

whitney160-2What is it?
How to use it?
Where is it headed?

Please join me in a dialogue with Marketing Maven Whitney Keyes where we will try to make sense out of the new world that is social media.

Whitney Keyes has over 20 years of media relations, marketing communications, and business management experience. She is an author, business advisor, and digital media personality. Prior to launching Whitney Keyes Productions, Whitney helped manage Microsoft’s global marketing and media strategies. You can find out more about Whitney and her company at


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Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money (Roll Call)

We are in our fourth week of the Weekly Voir Dire Conference Call series.  We have discussed (1) How to make a great first impression online, (2) How to convince your law firm of the need for social media (3) Which Social Media sites to use, and this week we will be be showing you how to make Twitter work for you in the call, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money.”  We will also have Julio Varela (@julito77) as a special guest.  Please join us for this call Friday morning at 10:00 AM EST.  CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE THE CALL IN INFORMATION


1.  Please email me with your specific questions pertaining to social media, and I WILL answer them on the call. <a href=””></a>

2.  The biggest complaint I have received from the call is that people want more opportunities to get to know other individuals also on the call, so please leave as a COMMENT to this post your:

a. Name
b. Area of law you practice/ or business you are in.
c. Twitter Id

So mine would look like this:

Adrian Dayton, esq
Professional Twitter Guy

This way people on the call can get to know each other.  If you don’t want to add your info, feel free to lurk anonymously on the calls. :)  Look forward to having you on the call!

Social Media for Lawyers: Power Lunch

Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch? For a long time I have wanted to put together an event in Chicago, and finally a few sponsors have come together to make it happen.

On November 4th at 12:15 PM I will be putting on a FREE lunch and book signing event hosted by the Total Practice Management Association (25 East Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602) and sponsored by the ARK Group, publishers totalpmaof Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition.

I have spoken to firms and businesses all over the country about social media, but frankly the most powerful way to convince them of the power of these tools is to SHOW them. I will be showing the power of social media at this hour long event. Attorneys will learn how to bring in business using social media on just 15 minutes a day. In addition, I will be demonstrating how a message can be spread to 100,000 people in 15 minutes using Twitter. The presentation is entitled, “Bringing in Business with Social Media and Web 2.0.”ark_logo

Here are some of the comments I have received from this event in the past:
• “Mr. Dayton was a great speaker.”
• “A fantastic program.”
• “An excellent program.”
• “A great intro to social media.”

To join us for this great event simply RSVP to:

Feel free to message @adriandayton for any questions, or email me-

Hope to see you in the windy city! If you would like to hear more details for the event, please listen in on the FREE conference call this Friday, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money.”

SEO Guys: My Clicks are Better than Your Clicks

Who do you trust more?

A server?


or your friend Julio?


This article explains why search engine traffic (“SEO”) and Pay Per Click (“PPC”) are not completely worthless, just in fact worth LESS than social media driven traffic.

How much would you pay to have someone visit your website?  Most of you would reply, “nothing.”  But there is actually a market for visitors.  Through google adwords lawyers and other professionals are buying visitors ever minute of every day.  This is also known as PPC.  I ran a search to see how much the going rate is for a few types of law.


How about for a personal injury attorney?  If a personal injury attorney wants their website to come up when somebody types “automobile accident lawyers” they have to pay $30.44 PER CLICK- and there is a TON of competition.  To get on the first page with SEO it would likely cost even more because the top personal injury firms are literally throwing money at search terms to bring in more business.

How many clicks does it take for them to actually get a client?  From my interviewing various firms we will use the number 1,000.  It takes 1,000 visitors to a particular law firm site through SEO and PPC to sign up a client.  So basically, to use PPC it costs the average personal injury firm $30,440 to bring in a single client through PPC advertising.

Well here is the crazy part- Mesothelioma (the type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) is a search term worth $400 PER CLICK.  At the same close rate, this costs a law firm $400,000 to sign up ONE new client. That is some crazy competition driving the prices up- and no guarantee that the case will be successful.


I generate free clicks from social media sites like Twitter.  I am going to explain why the traffic is BETTER, and how even busy attorneys can afford to spend time blogging.  You see, the social media generated traffic is better for two reasons: (1) the individuals are interested in the subject matter of the title, or they wouldn’t have clicked on it. (2) they click on the link with a higher level of trust because they know the author of the article, or at least the reputation of the individual sharing the link.

Who do you trust for quality articles?  An algorithim, or the friend you just got done talking football or cooking with?

I could write an article about Mesothelioma if I like, and tweet it out to drive traffic.  In fact, just by placing the term in my headline, I can get some of that sweet $400 per click traffic at a significantly lower price.  It isn’t actually FREE, it does require my time to write an article, but how long does it take to write a blog post? Not long.

Here is just one more way that blogging is worth an attorney’s time.  Say the attorney bills out at $250 per hour, and they generate traffic somewhere in the range of 100 unique visitors to each blog post, and assume the blog post takes 1 hour to write.  Check the PPC pricing.  How much would it cost to generate related traffic on the open market?  If the price is higher than $2.50 per click, than it is a good use of the attorney’s time to blog for an hour each week, or even every day.  Here is the PPC for just a few search terms according to adwords:

tax attorney $26.20 per click

malpractice lawyers $17.04 per click

bankruptcy lawyer $8.46 per click

But keep in mind, this is ASSUMING that the PPC visitors are the same as the visitors from social media sites like Twitter.  They aren’t- the clicks from social media sites are MORE valuable.  To explain this, lets take a quick look at the funnel.  For those that have been to my Social Media Boot Camp, you have heard all about the funnel.

funnelTop of the funnel- EXPOSURE- SEO or PPC puts your name in front of those searching.

CLICKS- Those people who have seen your site in the search click on it, and in an instant decide to stay on your site or to leave.

SITE VISITORS- Those who stay for more than 5 seconds become visitors.  Keep in mind that only a small fraction of people who see your site in their search will actually click on it, and a small percentage of those will actually read your site.

ACTION- For my site about 1 in ever 120 visitors takes an action.  Either they grab a free chapter of my book, sign up for my free conference call, or call me on the phone.  For most law firm websites, the conversion rates are even lower- because they don’t have a site designed to convert, they have a site designed to generate traffic. (Read more about this at Street Fight Between SEO and Bloggers)  They have it all backwards- why spend so much time, energy, and money on traffic – when you can’t convert the visitors into action takers?


The big advantage for social media clicks is that they come referred with some serious street cred.  This wasn’t an algorithim or some attorney’s credit card that put my link in your face- it was likely one of your peers.  In a few moments when I finish writing this post I will blast it out to 36,000 Twitter followers, about 800 Facebook friends, and my LinkedIn people.  This means that nearly 100% of those who click on my site through social media, are REAL visitors.  They know me, or at least have some level of familiarity with me.  I get to skip a couple of steps- my CLICKS enter the funnel as qualified visitors.

If you want to keep paying thousands of dollars for random clicks from complete strangers, be my guest- but why not just take the time to share your knowledge of acccidents, mesothelioma law,  or tax law through social media and blogging.  You will get a higher return on investment, plus you can tell all your hipster friends that you are busting out some mad tweets to bring in business.

Join the conversation! We would love to have you join us on our call this coming Friday at 10:00 AM EST entitled, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money”.


Click HERE to sign up for the next call.

Choosing The Right Social Network (Podcast)

CLICK HERE FOR THE MP33742-5x7high1
So which social media sites are worthwhile, and which are a waste of time? Last Friday we had a great discussion where I was joined by a number of successful professionals who are using social media to bring in clients on a regular basis through social media. Click on the play button above to listen to the call, and CLICK HERE to find the contact information of the other individuals on the call.

THIS FRIDAY: Twitter Etiquette

So what is the RIGHT way to tweet? How do you avoid coming across as self promoting? How can you keep from annoying your followers? Most of us have three goals on Twitter. 1. Build relationships. 2. Generate traffic to our blog or website and 3. Become known as a resource for great content. In this call we will answer these questions, and any questions that individuals might have. Please email your questions to info@adriandayton if you would like them included.

Join the conversation! We would love to have you join us on our call this coming Friday at 10:00 AM EST entitled, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money”.

Click HERE to sign up for the next call.

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Week 4: Start Using Google Analytics

Is your web page converting visitors to customers?

So you have your Twitter account open, your blog active, and your business web page decked out like a shining city on a hill. How do you know if it is working? How much volume does your site get? Where do your visitors come from? How long do they hang out? How often do they return? What percent of the traffic reflects new visitors?

Yikes, these are a lot of hard questions. Fortunately, the world of analytics can help solve some of these questions. There are a variety of software solutions out there, but for now I would like to focus on one that is free and not completely alien.

What is “Google Analytics?” google_analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that can measure visits to your web site, page views, and average number of pages per visit. Google Analytics can track traffic down to specific cities. You can find out how long potential clients visit your page, and what percent of visits are new to your site. For users of AdWords you can track the utility of various key words. The goal is to find out how much of the traffic to your site results in a sale or other form of desirable outcome (conversion).

You can use the software to see which landing pages are working better for your business. You can even conduct “Multivariate Testing” and try out different web pages to see which generate the most conversions. This is done with Google Website Optimizer.

You can find out more about what Google Analytics can do at To gain a deeper knowledge of the subject Analytics Evangelist for Google, Avinash Kaushik has written a book titled, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, 2007.

David Derrico

My guest writer David Derrico, esq has decided to dive in to social media. Every Monday his blog posts will illustrate what he has learned in the past week, and what he has to share. Hopefully those of you new to social media will find his posts helpful. In addition, I will be holding FREE weekly conference calls each Friday at 10:00 AM EST to help new professionals as they try to figure out social media. This Friday’s call is titled, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money ” -you can sign up for the call here.

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