40 hour workweek is a non-starter

Every once in a while a blog post drops that stirs up the hornets nest.  After more than 100 comments in a few days, the ABA Journal online article entitled, “Why Lawyers Should Work No More than 40 Hours a Week” has really stirred up some strong sentiment.  The article laid out a simple premise in less than 300 words.  The bottom line is this: studies have shown that workers (lawyers included) are most productive and creative when working within the 40 hour work week.  After 40 hours, the quality of work declines. Read more

The Parable of the Blogger

The Parable of the Talents is a simple one.  The Master who must go away for a while entrusts three servants with large amounts of money or “talents,” as they were called in oldentimes.  They must take care of this money while he is gone.  To one servant he gives 5 talents, to another he gives 2 talents and to the final servant he only gives 1 talent.

When he returns and asks for an accounting, the first two servants have put the money to work- doubling the talents.  For this the Master rewards them handsomely.  The third servant is so fearful of losing the talent that he buried it in a hole, and returns the talent to the Master.  The Master is upset, “couldn’t you have at least put it in the bank, so that I could have drawn interest?” he asks.  The third servant is called lazy- and forced to give the talent to the servants who had been more responsible. Read more