Is Twitter capable of creating the ties that bind?

I keep a close eye on this heart of mine.
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep the end out for the tie that binds.
Because your mine, I walk the line.
-Johnny Cash

There were two fascinating articles from the past week that made me stop in my tracks. The first, “Tweet success awaits the savvy lawyer” by Neil Rose who writes for the The Guardian in the UK and the second was “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker.

This first article talks about the power of Twitter to enable sharp lawyers to make new connections and build relationships online. The article didn’t include new ideas or insights but was a mainstream article admitting what most of us lawyers in the blogosphere have known for a long time- you can meet some pretty amazing people on Twitter. Read more

Blogs of the AmLaw 100

(Click here for the 2011 Blogs of the Amlaw 100)

Two weeks ago I was looking online and asking around for a list of the law blogs of the AmLaw 100. The only one I could find was this incomplete list from January of 2010- Social Media Use at the AmLaw 100

That chart is now fairly outdated, so with the help of Gwynne Monahan (@econwriter5 on Twitter) we assembled this list of all the AmLaw 100 law blogs we could find. Read more

Passively aggressive or engaged online?

You can’t have someone else do your push-ups for you.

For the last couple hundred years Lawyers have been dumping off as much of their work as possible to their underlings. Scriveners did the copying, secretaries did the typing, paralegals did the paperwork and now 3rd party legal service providers can even handle all the filing for Bankruptcy cases and other matters with copious amounts of filing. It’s efficient, it makes sense. As lawyers your time is valuable, so you outsource every task possible. Ever task except business development.

You can’t send you paralegal to the Yankees game with your best client, nor would you have your secretary call to ask for referrals. There are some tasks that need to be handled by the attorney.  Why?  Because business development is all about relationships and you can’t outsource relationships.  Social media is also all about relationships. This week in my Above the Law post I wrote about group blogs. One of the takeaways is that it takes dedication by multiple attorneys to make a group blog successful. Getting the attorneys involved can be a big challenge for law firms. Read more

JD Supra & LinkedIN Change the Game

In a major blow to entrenched legal publishers Lexis Nexis and Thompson Reuters, in July LinkedIN chose to partner with JD Supra to supply content for Legal Updates. In one sense this partnership is like combining peanut butter and chocolate as Jayne Navarre describers, but in another sense it is kind of like Coca Cola deciding to partner with San Dimas High School over the National Football League. This was a great opportunity for the major legal publishers but they lost out to a small start-up named JDSupra that is far more agile.

Here is how legal updates work:

JDSupra collects written content from lawyers all over the world. They tag it, optimize it and display it on their website. Any corporate alert, amicus brief, white paper or blog post you create is given a second life through this site. Read more