Make Time for Social Media

(Originally published in the National Law Journal on November 4, 2010.)

One year in college my brother and I decided to unplug the cable and go without television programs for an entire year. It was so liberating, we were able to spend our evenings watching either the movies we chose (as opposed to Law & Order re-runs or Mannequin 2) and we were able to make better use of our time. I’m not saying that TV is all bad, but it is often used to fill the extra time in our lives that could be better used elsewhere. Perhaps the sinister element of TV is that it is a socially acceptable way for Americans to waste their lives. Nobody is going to judge you for being a Glee junkie. Well maybe, but you get the point.

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Dear Law Firms: Stop Hiding Your Blogs

Guest blogger Jon Ivanco makes observations from his research of the blogs of the AmLaw 101-200 Last week I was tasked with creating a list of all the blogs that were run by AmLaw firms numbered 101-200.  I visited every firm’s website one by one to see what blogs they were currently publishing to the public.  This was a nightmare.  Blogging by and large is not prominently displayed on the vast majority of their websites.
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Blogs of the AmLaw 101-200

Back in September I released a list of the blogs of the AmLaw 100 and noticed that the vast majority of law firms weren’t blogging at all.  I wondered how the AmLaw 101-200 would stack up, so here it is. (Thanks to the work of Jon Ivanco in helping me assemble the list)  With 180 law blogs, the firms of the AmLaw 101-200 have 38% more law blogs than the AmLaw 100.

As always, please email the links and titles of any new blogs or blogs that we have missed to

Talent Gap: 50% are below average, even online

Ari Kaplan asked an interesting question this past week in his National Law Journal article, “Would law school warning labels make any difference?” Ari wondered what would happen if prospective law students were warned that 90% of students graduating law school are ranked below the top 10% of the class?

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ABA, Social Media and a time to panic?

In the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the main character faces a huge crisis.  He discovers the Earth is about to be destroyed to make room for a hyperspatial express route.  Fortunately, a tip and a certain guide book are able to help save his life.  Recent events have made me wonder if I might be facing a similar crisis.

On the 20th of September, 2010 the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 put out an Issue Paper Concerning Lawyers’ Use of Internet Based Client Development Tools.

On October 28th, 2010 I received an email from Larry Bodine copied to his list-serve and most of the legal marketers in the industry.  The subject read:

RED ALERT: The ABA wants to regulate the internet

It was basically a call to action for attorneys and legal marketers to bind together to stop the insidious threat of the ABA limiting the use of the internet for marketing and business development by attorneys.

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