Social Media – Easy as a Hoola-Hoop

(as originally published by the National Law Journal on 3/18/2011)

During the 1950s, a plastic circular tube containing a little bit of sand took the nation by storm. During the first six months after its introduction, more than 20 million Hula-Hoops were sold. The surprising thing about Hula-Hoops Read more

Social Media is Nothing to be Afraid of

(as originally published by the National Law Journal on 3/3/2011)

In the Middle Ages a certain class of people was more mistrusted than any other: millers.

You see, few people owned their own mill, and so they needed to take their grain to the miller to be ground into flour. The problem was that, when the grain was handed over, there was no way of knowing if the miller was being honest — he could have been keeping some for himself. The common farmer had no way of knowing whether he was being cheated. This same mistrust happens today with car mechanics, doctors and probably even some types of lawyers. Sadly, some people feel the same way about social media. Read more

Referrals still more important than law blogs?

When an important article comes out in the social media industry, I usually see it come across my Twitter stream.  When the article relates to social media and the legal industry, I will often see it repeated over a dozen times.  Sometimes, when an article is about social media, the legal industry and controversy is involved the article gets emailed to me by lawyers all over the world and is forwarded to me by my aunt who generally only forwards locats.  Just such an article hit last week, and if you aren’t living underground (without internet access) than chances are you probably saw  it. Read more

LegalmindsTV Interviewing me about value of social media

Click here to see the post and transcript:

Law Blog Success Down Under

(as originally published by the National Law Journal on 2/17/2011)

I’m spending the next few weeks in Australia and New Zealand speaking to lawyers about social media, so I thought I would share an interview I had with Natalie Hickey, law blogger and partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques — one of the “Big 6” firms in Australia and one of the 100 largest firms in the world, with almost 1,000 attorneys globally. Read more

Promoting without appearing self-promotional

There is a cultural difference between Australian and Americans that I have noticed.  Americans are far more willing to be self-promotional.  Australians are hesitant to start blogs and will often make their tweets private on Twitter.  So I guess the big question is, can social media work for you if your aren’t willing to be self-promotional.

The answer is yes . . . and no.

There are two types of promotional tweets, the first are the type that are used to brag about ourselves.  “I just won a big case” “I just completed a huge transaction” “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”  You get the idea.  Read more

The Evolving Lawyer

(as originally published by the National Law Journal on 2/24/2011)

I had the chance recently to complete a childhood dream of mine and see a duckbilled platypus up close at the Healesville Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley of Australia. It truly is a strange creature — it’s a warm-blooded mammal, yet it has a beak, webbed feet and lays eggs. I learned from the zookeeper that the male platypus can excrete a poisonous venom from its claws potent enough to kill another male patypus. The duckbilled platypus is the only platypus we know of (which raises the question: Why isn’t it referred to simply as “platypus?”) The platypus is truly a mysterious anomaly of nature. Read more

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