Why I’m NOT quitting Twitter

A new scandal has rocked the blogosphere, Tracy Coenen, long time blogger and Twitter user has quit Twitter forever. She has decreed that Twitter is no good for business development in her recent post “Why I’m quitting Twitter (and you should too)”. The facts are these: over the last two years she has sent over 2,154 tweets, has 2,154 followers and although she brings in substantial business from her blog, she has yet to land a single client directly from Twitter. What’s more, everyone she knows (except for one lawyer) hasn’t brought in much business through Twitter. Read more

Which Movie Does Your Law Firm’s Social Media Policy Most Closely Resemble?

[The excerpt below is part of an article in a series I’m writing for TechnoLawyer’s BigLaw newsletter published on April 5, 2011]

Leading a large law firm is similar to steering a ship. If you navigate in the wrong direction, or don’t have a clear idea of your destination you may never arrive. It is difficult but not impossible to lead when headed into the unknown (think Christopher Columbus). Creating a social media policy presents a challenge for leaders like you because you may lack the time to become completely versed in all the technology that exists. So to make it easier, I have simplified social media policies by comparing them to three classic films. Which movie does your social media policy most closely resemble? Read more

Build a brand for every attorney

“We’ve come to the realization that our [web]site needs to do more to help individual attorneys market themselves.” This statement was recently made by a large firm CMO to Robert Algeri of the website company Great Jakes. Robert and I agree this epiphany is well overdue. Is the legal industry ready to help individual attorneys market themselves? Here’s why this makes so much sense:

For years, law firms have survived and thrived based on the efforts of a few very well connected rainmakers. This is true in large firms and small firms alike, so why can’t firm management recognize this fact and use a strategy that reflects this understanding?

One large stumbling block is ego. Read more

3 powerful ways to nourish relationships to help business boom

“Does anybody bring in new clients via Twitter?”

“What about blogs–do blogs bring in business?”

When I hear these questions from people, it seems as if they’re looking for a lollipop. They want to flip a switch and turn on the flow of new clients. Business development doesn’t work that way. Think about your marketing and business development efforts as bringing contacts into a large funnel. At the top, you have your first contact. At the bottom, you have people who actually hire you. Read more

The Rise of the Collectors: a simple strategy to get noticed online

Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN streams are cluttered with updates. Many of these updates are irrelevant and come from a few hyperactive individuals. Some of the updates are interesting, relevant and timely. What you share online says a lot about you.

The people that share too much irrelevant information (think forwarded emails about politics, jokes, scams, etc) and then there is a second group that also share frequently but improve their reputation because of the quality of what they share. Today  on Twitter a number of people shared Steve Rubel’s comment that “people who can separate quality from junk as curators will be gold.” For anyone that spends a significant amount of time online, you highly value those people that regularly share great content.

The majority of the information shared comes from a group of people I refer to as “The Collectors.” Being a Collector is neither good nor bad, it really depends on your skills as a collector and the relevance to your industry. It you want to become a collector all it takes is an interest in your subject and effort in terms of research and searching out quality. If you are a collector of information that is willing to Read more