Best times for professionals to post to social

The world is full of coincidences. Once in the airport of Salt Lake City, I ran into Natalie Cook on her way to Romania to do missionary work there. I had met her in high school, so we had a brief conversation and I wished her luck. Didn’t think anything of it, but just over two years later after she returned from Romania we met again by chance and we are now married with three kids. Some things are serendipitous that way. By being in the right place at the right time, amazing things can happen. How can this help you with your social media sharing? Every share you make online gives you a chance at serendipity, a chance for a potential client or an old friend to read your content and hire you. New data we’ve collected at ClearView Social can help you maximize your chances for more of these fortuitous collisions.

We’ve specifically collected data on when professionals view business content shared via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This is not the same data you will see in the surveys from Hootsuite  or Buffer – both of which are outstanding surveys of millions of tweets and shares, this is data highly focused on viewers of content related to law, accounting, insurance, recruiting, and other professional services. We will refer to these types of shares as pro-shares, short for professional social media shares.

The results are not surprising, almost nobody reads pro-shares over the weekend. Very few read pro-shares on Fridays or late at night.

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