Champion Building

Steve Bell of Womble Carlyle once told me, “creating change within a large organization is like turning a cruise liner, it takes some time.” Organizational change requires more than a couple of training sessions—it is a long-term process. There are two key ingredients for implementing effective change. The first is buy-in and commitment from firm management, and the second is leadership from within. This leadership from within comes from a group I like to refer to as “champions.” These often aren’t the most tech-savvy lawyers—no, the best champions are well respected, successful, and hungry to build their book of business and add value to their firm. Teach and build up these champions who are role models and others will follow.

How Champion Building works

The first step for large firms is to identify the champions within a firm. This core group of 10-12 attorneys will function as a mastermind that will not only be trained but will also learn from each other through collaboration and through sharing their experiences. The program starts with the kick-off event, The Social Media Power Ramp-up.

The Social Media Ramp-up

This group event helps inspire and instruct the future champions of the firm about the power of social media. They will hear case studies of highly successful bloggers, industry trends and the first steps towards developing a compelling online presence.

Power Branding

In this 1-on-1 session, attorneys will develop their personal social media strategy and learn the platforms and online communities best suited to target the ideal clients and industries. In this session, participants learn how to create a long-term marketing vision and develop action steps required to successfully execute it.

Tribe Building

Champion Building is based on the basic principle of accountability. Each firm’s selected champions will be accountable to the firm, to the group, to their coach, and most importantly to themselves. This second group meeting provides participants with a chance to report on their progress, share their successes and learn the next steps towards building their networks and growing their lists of ideal clients.

ROI Score Card

This 1-on-1 session helps attorneys evaluate the return on time invested in their social media efforts. Free online tools will be demonstrated to help attorneys focus on key online metrics including site visitors, opt-in rates, backlinks, retweets, and mentions. Increasing offline rainmaking metrics such as phone calls with potential clients or referral sources, appointments, and clients engagements is the goal of this session.

The first four modules are implemented over 2 months and provide the foundation for matriculating to the following advanced modules:
Blog Strategy
Advanced Blogging Tactics
Google Search Best Practices
9 Strategies for Re-purposing your Content
List Building 101
Tribe Leading: Making the Short List

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