The Weekly Voir Dire is really all about one thing—talking to fascinating people. Most of them are lawyers, some of them use social media like Twitter, but ALL of them are interesting to me for one reason or another. I hope you find their stories as informative and compelling as I do.

5 L’s to make your onLine videos LIVE LONGER with Damian Dayton

Damian Dayton is a founding member of Kineto Pictures which has produced video content for companies all over the world including Microsoft, Chevron, and Z-Line Design. In addition, Damian was the writer and director of the Emmy-nominated children’s series “Signing Times.” You can learn more about Kineto Pictures at http://kinetopictures.com or find him on Twitter @damiandayton. Listen in to here:

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Kevin O’Keefe Talks Law Blogs

Listen in to hear Kevin explain why law blogs aren’t for everyone, the negative effect on a firm of an inactive law blog, and how often lawyers should spend blogging each week. Some of the answers are quite surprising.

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New Tech Threatens to Disrupt Legal Industry

The best things in life are free. Wise words from Janet Jackson back in the early 80’s. It seems lately the best technology online is free—or inexpensive. From practice management software to open source applications, software is changing the way we practice law. This dynamic tech environment presents great opportunities for virtual law firms as well as small firms that are hungry for any price savings they can find, but unfortunately many large firms are slow to adopt these applications for fear of the unknown. Are these firms making a huge mistake?

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Think Twitter’s for Kids? Think Again

Bob White doesn’t just scratch the surface on Twitter, he takes advantage of all the free tools available to engage and make his networking as effective as possible. Listen in to the recording of the call to hear:

  • How Mr. White landed his first client on Twitter
  • What tools he uses to save time and maximize his efforts
  • How Mr. White is setting the example to the younger attorneys at Gunster
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How UK Lawyers Are Using Social Media

Are things really that different in the UK? Are lawyers in the UK and abroad using social media to make connections and bring in business? Or are UK lawyers too serious for Twitter?

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5 Pillars of Power Planning

To accomplish things we have never achieved before we need to do things we have never done before. What are you going to do to make 2010 brilliant?

Gathering some of the best of what I have learned from this last year, I have put together this call as a thanks to all those who have read my blog, retweeted my posts, and commented along the way. In this call I share five incredible planning principles that have changed the way I do business.

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Don’t Tell Me—Show Me

Listen in on this 32 minute discussion to learn how lawyers and legal marketing professionals can get valuable exposure by simply sharing their written work with others. On the call Adrian Lurssen will also answer the questions:
“Won’t people just steal my work if I post it for free online?”
“How long does it take to post your work on JD Supra?”
“What type of results are attorneys that use JD Supra having?”

It used to be that your resume and your bio was enough for a lawyer to bring in business. Not anymore. We are living in a fiercely competitive world now with consumers that are more educated than ever. JD Supra is a great platform to help attorneys get noticed and show the world what they are capable of. What do you have to show the world?

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Podcast with Avvo.com CEO Mark Britton

According to recent reports 78% of people trust peer recommendations, while only 14% trust advertisements. What does this mean for lawyers? Find out from Mark Britton himself, the creator of Avvo.com a site designed to rate lawyers based on a number of different factors. Avvo.com has received with skepticism among some lawyer, but Mark Britton dispel some of the myths keeping lawyers from using Avvo.com. You will also hear how some attorneys have landed 6-figure clients through Avvo.com

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Advanced Twitter Tactics (podcast)

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

  • How many tweets per day is the “right” amount? (you will hear a number)
  • What is the proper etiquette on Twitter for asking people to check out your blog or site?
  • How do you effectively ask people to link to you site?
  • What is the proper etiquette for a direct message to thank new followers?
  • Is there a certain response time required?
  • What type of direct message should be used? Automated or personal?
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Icebreaking 101: How to Start a Great Conversation (podcast)

Do you have trouble starting a conversation? Is it always a little awkward trying to break into that closed circle in a cocktail party? See someone interesting on Twitter you wish you could start a conversation with?

Listen to this call with lawyer coach Jamie Field and learn the secrets to breaking the ice- one of the first steps to becoming a rainmaker. (39 minutes)

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Jury Due Diligence and Social Media (Podcast)

  • How are attorneys using social media to prepare for trial?
  • How can attorneys that are new to social media take advantage of these tools?
  • What is the big advantage gained by social media savvy trial attorneys ?

Listen in to hear the recording of our weekly Voir Dire with Senior Social Media expert Christine Martin from Decision Quest.

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Voir Dire: Making Sense of Social Media

  • What is it?
  • How to use it?
  • Where is it headed?

Please join me in a dialogue with Marketing Maven Whitney Keyes where we will try to make sense out of the new world that is social media.

Whitney Keyes has over 20 years of media relations, marketing communications, and business management experience. She is an author, business advisor, and digital media personality. Prior to launching Whitney Keyes Productions, Whitney helped manage Microsoft’s global marketing and media strategies. You can find out more about Whitney and her company at www.whitneykeyes.com.

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Choosing The Right Social Network (Podcast)

Twitter Etiquette:

So what is the RIGHT way to tweet? How do you avoid coming across as self promoting? How can you keep from annoying your followers? Most of us have three goals on Twitter. 1. Build relationships. 2. Generate traffic to our blog or website and 3. Become known as a resource for great content. In this call we will answer these questions, and any questions that individuals might have.

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Is social media REALLY worth the effort?

“I am a solo attorney, is it REALLY worth the effort to learn social media?”

It is a great question, one that I hear almost daily, and we had some great responses to that and other questions on our call. I have recorded the call and posted it below. Feel free to listen in and hear what the participants had to say. What questions do you have about social media for lawyers?

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How Does CEO Ed Scanlan find Balance? (Podcast)

At the age of 32, Ed Scanlan has become a big name in the legal industry. According to INC. Magazine he has mastered the art of running a company like a start-up. How has that been working for him? Well his company was named to the Crain’s Fast 50, here is an excerpt:

This Chicago-based provider of back-office support services to small law firms claimed its second place spot by doubling its revenue each year since the company started in 2002, posting revenue of $23.9 million in 2008.

What makes Ed Scanlan tick? Listen in to hear him explain:

  1. How he keeps his employees engaged and passionate.
  2. What helped Ed and Total Attorneys put on an exceptional legal conference.
  3. How companies can embrace social media and reap the benefits.
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Stephen Fairley Podcast: Can Social Media Help Lawyers Make More Rain?

Can social media help lawyers make more rain?

Stephen Fairley is the CEO of the Rainmaker Institute, the largest Lawyer Marketing Firm in the Country. Not only is he a law firm marketing expert, he is also an international best selling author.

In this podcast you will also learn:

  • The 1 thing keeping attorneys from developing more business.
  • What questions lawyers need to ask to create a marketing plan
  • One of Mr. Fairley’s proven systems for bringing in more business.
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Unlocking ONO: with Best Selling Author Marc Warnke

  • What does it mean to live a life of options, not obligations?
  • How can we have success in business, yet still maintain solid work-life balance?
  • Learn why Marc chose to self-publish over the traditional publishing route.
  • Learn how making over a million dollars in one year changed Marc Warnke’s perception of money forever.
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What Technology Do Lawyers Need? with Niki Black


Niki Black is a lawyer, the author of Criminal Law in New York with Thompson West as well as the author of four different blogs. She is one of the top legal technology experts in the country. Listen in to hear:

  • What technology lawyers need
  • What technology can be ignored
  • How to use social media in an effective way
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No Twitter for Lawyers? Hear marketing pro Larry Bodine’s Take

Larry Bodine

Back on May 23rd, 2009 Larry Bodine, a legal marketing veteran with over 18 years of experience, claimed Twitter was a waste of time, ineffective, and unable to deliver new business to attorneys. Has he softened on his stance since then? Listen in as Adrian Dayton grills him on the subject in this edition of the Weekly Voir Dire.

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Learn How To Build Your Practice from the #1 LinkedIn Lawyer

David A Barrett, Esq is the #1 lawyer on LinkedIn with over 10,000 worldwide connections and growing. Listen to find out how he has become a rainmaker by combining the powers of social media with traditional networking.

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Can A Blog Bring in Business?

Scott Greenfield says that blogging doesn’t really bring in any good clients, while dozens of bloggers disagree. But I’ve spoken with many other legal bloggers that have great traffic (1000+ hits unique visitors per week to their blog), but no new clients.

So what are they missing? Today we have on the program Grant Griffiths, former lawyer turned full-time blogger, to answer that very question.

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Is the Legal Industry Ready To End the Billable Hour? With Patrick Lamb

_patrick_lamb-with-sledgeListen in to hear Patrick speak on:

  • How law firms can be run more like a business.
  • How easy it is for clients to demand change.
  • The science and art that go into crafting a non-billable hour model.
  • Most importantly, learn how Patrick has had more fun practicing law in the last 18 months, then in the 18 years previous.
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Alexis Neely Shares Her Secrets

alexis neelyJust over a year ago Alexis Neely sold her million dollar law practice, and she has already moved on to a new million dollar venture. What’s her secret?

Tune in for the Weekly Voir Dire to find out what helped her ditch the big firm life to build not only a successful business, but to live a more fulfilling life.

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Jeff Carr, VP and General Counsel of $4.6 Billion Company FMC Technologies Goes on the Record

Jeff Carr VP, GC, Sec for FMC Technologies

Jeff Carr VP, GC, Sec for FMC Technologies

Learn how Mr. Carr took a $1.8 Billion company to a $4.6 Billion company without increasing litigation costs.

Listen to Mr. Carr’s thoughts on social media and the Wikipedia of law that he predicts will turn the old law model on its head.

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Can Large Law Firms Benefit from Social Media?

melaniegreenHow many times have I heard this? Well, in this interview I asked Melanie Green (@melaniegreen for those on Twitter) how she was able to implement social media at her international firm of over 300 attorneys.

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.