The Social Media Couple Costume

So my wife and I have been married for going on 4 years this December and a few weeks ago my wife complained to me that, “We NEVER have creative Halloween costumes.”  So this year, in order to appease the boss, we designed “The Social Media Couple” costume.  My wife is dressed stylishly in her Facebook Halloween Costume, while I myself am sporting a Twitter Halloween Costume matching the accents on my personal Twitter page:

Facebook Halloween Costume- Twitter Halloween Costume

Facebook Halloween Costume- Twitter Halloween Costume

To point out a few of the features of my wife’s Facebook costume I have made a list:
1. Live stream of funny conversation between the party attendees on the front of the my wife’s costume
2. Party attendees pictures, “friends” along the arms.
3. “Poke” tab on the arm
4. Weird Facebook advertisement on her other arm (you can’t escape them)
5. And on her back- you can write on her wall.

Long story short, we were the unanimous winners of the “Most Creative Costume” award. We won a huge caramel apple. Well worth the 3 hours it took to put our costumes together. If you need a married couple Halloween costume idea, feel free to use ours.



19 Responses to “The Social Media Couple Costume”

  1. awww you guys look great and how creative! Now @sweetice wants to go as the Fail Whale…lol

  2. Damon Day says:

    That is hilarious. Very funny and creative costume. I am going to have to forward this to my wife. She is going to crack up. She has recently become a facebook fanatic, but she doesn’t know a thing about twitter. I am just starting to figure twitter out myself. I try to not let it be a huge time sucker. Nice going on the costumes.

  3. I’m so glad this reappeared! I love it!!

  4. Gian Ramos says:

    This is the cutest couple costume ever! I totally love it!! 🙂 You really deserved the Most Creative Costume” award 😉


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