Anti-pirates Don’t Even Realize

According to the AP they have special training now just for killing pirates. What next? When will this anti-pirate media bias stop? I swear the media never publishes anything good the pirates do. We never hear about the schools they are building, pirate counsels they are holding, or advances in pirate seamanship. We always hear just the bad stuff.

And I can tell you from seeing multiple vaguely historical Pirates of the Caribbean movies that not all pirates are bad. Some pirates are cool, hip, funny, and/or hot. So next time someone starts telling another “pirate joke” or does another pirate impression (so tired). Just look him in the eye and say, not cool man…. not cool.


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  1. All humour aside, the piracy industry is big business and probably does fund a great deal of entrepreneurship and economic growth in that area of the world. That may seem like it’s a cold economic approach to the very dangerous problem of piracy, but it is how pirates apparently think of it, and it is how the shipping industry needs to think of it as well.

    Have a listen to these two brilliant episodes of NPR’s Planet Money podcast where they pick apart the economy of piracy and speak with a shipping CEO and a pirate who have formed a business relationship and a friendship of sorts.


  2. Kirby Tennent says:

    I don’t see the hate with the pirates… I mean they are on the _WATER_ they can’t get you if you live inland. I mean really…we should really fear the NINJAS! I mean they can be ANYWHERE! Even in water…walking on water…killing pirates on their ships (Ninjas are better than Pirates)…in your back yard…I have seen movies about ninjas and no one sees them! All they see is the heavenly gates and peter after a ninja gets on em.

    @Andy is Mr Buzzkillington ;P

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