Voir Dire:Can Large Law Firms Benefit from Social Media?


“Large law firms will never go for social media.”

How many times have I heard this?

Well, in this interview I asked Melanie Green (@melaniegreen for those on Twitter) how she was able to implement social media at her international firm of over 300 attorneys. Listen to find out how Melanie and her team are making it happen.

About Melanie Green

melaniegreenMelanie Green is Director of Business Development and Marketing at Baker & Daniels.

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One Response to “Voir Dire:Can Large Law Firms Benefit from Social Media?”

  1. Nils Montan says:

    Very nice interview and a good primer for lawyers and firms who are just starting with Social Media. Firm has to realize that not everyone in firm will be able to use Social Media, but key is to find people who can and who can shine. Marketing people alone cannot handle this as blogger has to know substantive law. Important start is to get a good LinkedIn profile up. Also, join LinkedIn Groups and post discussion questions. If you like social media, there is a good LinkedIn Group called Law and Social Media.

    Starting small and slow is very good advice! LinkedIn has a good aplication for following clients called Company Buzz.

    Thanks Adrian and thanks Melanie!


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