Jeff Carr of FMC Technologies Goes on the Record


“One of the saddest statistics you see is the depth of unhappiness in the profession today.  I attribute that to ridiculous demands on law firm life…”
Jeff Carr, VP and General Counsel of FMC Technologies discusses:

  • How he took a $1.8 Billion company to a $4.6 Billion company without increasing litigation costs.
  • How he compares modern day lawyers to tailors that could use computers and sewing machines, but instead are stitching by hand.
  • How law school could be radically changed to better prepare students to become counselors.
  • His thoughts on social media and the Wikipedia of law that he predicts will turn the old law model on its head.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

“Lawyers are great at research and writing and arguing- but when it comes to translating that into real world actionable advice… not so much.”

“Law firms are not organized like a rational economic enterprise.”

“I foresee technology leveraging and standardizing content so I don’t pay over and over for the same content.”

“My favorite research tool is Google.”

“The most efficient person in the world is a single parent that has to deal with their kids, and provide for them as well.  They will find the most efficient way to get what needs to be done, done- yet our profession doesn’t reward that.”

About Jeff Carr

jeff-carr-picJeff Carr is the Vice President and General Counsel of FMC Technologies.

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