Follow Friday Fever- Continued

Sarah Robinson sent me a direct message “reminding” me that I needed to write a new Follow Friday post (here is my extensive original)– but since I had already written a post today I decided to write it up, and have it posted Friday while I was in Lake Powell on Friday July 24th. So while I was enjoying wake boarding, reading, and lying in the sun- you were supposed to be enjoying this post.  My auto-post feature didn’t quite work, so here it is- better late than never.

Here are a few of the great new people I have met in the last week or so:

Brooke Beason

Brooke and I share a passion for social media, and we met in a friendly argument through the comments section of Gini Dietrich’s blog After checking her Twitter stream I realized we are on the same wave length, and RT’d a few of her posts immediately.

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz asked a question about Health Care and social media on Twitter which led me to his website. I ended up watching his 5 minute video (hilarious by the way) all about entrepreneurship. We share a common energy and love for building businesses- this guys knows his stuff.

Gina Mote

Glad to meet Gina through our common friend Marc Warnke who I mentioned in my longer follow friday post. Gina is a connector with a great vision. I will forgive the fact that she prefers Facebook to Twitter.

“Ed” from @blawgreview

I met the man who goes by “Ed” a couple of months ago, but I want to send out a special #followfriday thank you to the man that man responsible for the best blog carnival, Nobody knows Ed’s true identity, and he want to keep it that way. One thing I can tell you for sure, he is a great one to follow. We also met for breakfast this past week, he didn’t tell me his true identity- but he gave me some hints.

Charles Green

Not only did Charles author an outstanding book for professionals entitled The Trusted Advisor, he also runs a montly Carnival of Trust which each month collects the best articles on trust throughout the internet.  He was kind enough to allow my website to host for the month of July.  You can see my take on the Carnival of Trust here.


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  1. Barry Moltz says:

    Thanks for the call out and the mention in great company…more videos at


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