Dear Lawyers: Has Twitter Worked for You?

A couple of months ago Kevin O’Keefe assembled a great list of success stories from various attorneys who use Twitter.  You can see his entire post by clicking here: Twitter Success Stories


Here are some excerpts from Kevin’s collection of Twitter testimonials:

I started using Twitter only weeks ago. . . Since then, I’ve been the twitter “go to” person, answering questions for many of my colleagues, even including our firm’s executive chairman. . . I’ve since received several calls from acquaintances wishing to discuss the state of the economy. I’ve been stopped at the elevator and on the side walk to talk about my tweets. And today, I landed a new client because of my blog and my twitter page!”

“I’m speaking at LegalTech b/c I met @heathermilligan on twitter.”

“Got invited to the ABA Diversity summit and speaking engagements bc of my use of Twitter.”

“I’ve had quite a bit of success with Twitter, in terms of meeting new folks, getting prospective clients and good PR…Beyond that, using Twitter has helped me counsel about the risks of using Twitter.”

“Made a nice contact with a local title company through the power of Twitter.”

Met an older attorney who is now my mentor and put me in contact with a writer at the ABA Journal (I actually spoke to the reporter today).”

I write about green building legal issues.  My prospective clients are in the green building industry.  Through twitter, I have met the following:

“1.  Elaine Lipman Barnes (@elbarneshouse).  Elaine is one of the original green builders and now manages a $1 billion green schools fund in Ohio for the State.  One Billion.  I made direct contact and have since had conversations with someone who manages a one billion dollar green building fund.

“2.  Ron Sims. Ron Sims (@ronsims) was the King County Executive. As you all so nicely mentioned on your blog, Ron tweeted that he liked my blog and had shared it with all of his King County attorney’s and staff. By the way, Ron is now serving in some executive role in the Obama White House. Not a bad connection to make through Twitter.

“3. This one might be my favorite. When I first started my blog, I sat down with my fiancee, who knew more about green building than I and asked her who I would want to talk to if I could talk to anyone in the industry.  She mentioned Rob Watson, the Father of LEED. . . . All of a sudden, through Twitter, I was talking to the Father of LEED about one of my blog posts.”

These stories are great, but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

I need your help to add to this list!!!  If your Twitter success story is compelling enough, it will be included in my book Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition to be published next month by The Ark Group.

Feel free to tweet me your story @adriandayton or to submit it below in the comments section.  If you want to remain anonymous, you can email it to  If you would like to be notified when my book is available, please click here and leave your name and email.


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  1. I would love to know more about the book. If you want to know more about how our company used Twitter 100% exclusively to market and made Fernando Varela an #1 singer on iTunes.

  2. Here are some twitter success stories from interviews that Lance Godard was able to uncover as part of his 22 Tweets weekly Twitter interviews:

    @seattlelawgirl: Without exaggeration, 100% of my biz comes through my web 2.0 activities & word of mouth referrals.

    @pgardnerii: SIGNIFICANT increase to bottom line! Properly utilizing soc ntwkg tools can generate new revenue stream

    @erikjheels: Since launching via Twitter in 11/2008, been adding 1 new client/ week

    @adrianos: I can tell you that Web 2.0 activities have resulted in 5 new paying clients for me this year.

    @AdLawGuy: I met @redsquareagency (an amazing ad agency in Mobile, AL) on Twitter and now they are a great client.

    @stefaniedevery: “I have gotten numerous new clients from Twitter…”

    These are just a few success stories from Twitter, but perhaps the best was @bretttrout who got a referral client DURING his interview on Twitter.


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