Voir Dire:No Twitter for Lawyers? Hear marketing pro Larry Bodine’s Take


Recorded June 30th, 2009

Larry Bodine, a legal marketing veteran with over 18 years of experience, recently came out clearly against Twitter claiming it was a waste of time, ineffective, and unable to deliver new business to attorneys. Has he softened on his stance since then?  Listen in as Adrian Dayton grills him on the subject in this edition of the Weekly Voir Dire.

You will also find out:

  • How firms can stick their toe in the social media pool
  • The most effective strategies for developing more business if your firm has a current area of strength
  • A great solution for verifying a return on investment from marketing dollars
  • The keys to a productive marketing strategy for lawyers and other professionals (hint: you need a plan)

About Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine

Check out Larry Bodine’s blog: http://blog.larrybodine.com where you can order a copy of his new white paper Thinking Like a Rainmaker.

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4 Responses to “Voir Dire:No Twitter for Lawyers? Hear marketing pro Larry Bodine’s Take”

  1. Adrian,

    Great interview with Larry. So, he’s not a cool aid drinker yet. 🙂

    It will be interesting to see how long social media takes to really gain some traction in the legal industry. IMHO, it’s not ‘if’ it’s ‘when’ you will start to see ROI from social media efforts.

    I guess we are still on the ground floor!

    Stephen Fairley

  2. Nils Montan says:

    Great interview with tons of good advice. Larry Bodine is right on track with his advice.


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