Conference Call Roll Call (Friday’s Call)

We are in our third week of the Weekly Voir Dire Conference Call series. We have discussed (1) How to make a great first impression online, (2) How to convince your law firm of the need for social media, and (3) this week we will be answering the question, “Which social media networks are the most useful (and which are a waste of time).” Please join us for this call Friday morning at 10:00 AM EST. CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE THE CALL IN INFORMATION


1. Please email me with your specific questions pertaining to social media, and I WILL answer them on the call.

2. The biggest complaint I have received from the call is that people want more opportunities to get to know other individuals also on the call, so please leave as a COMMENT to this post your:

a. Name
b. Area of law you practice/ or business you are in.
c. Twitter Id

So mine would look like this:

Adrian Dayton, esq
Professional Twitter Guy

This way people on the call can get to know each other. If you don’t want to add your info, feel free to lurk anonymously on the calls. 🙂 Look forward to having you on the call!


9 Responses to “Conference Call Roll Call (Friday’s Call)”

  1. Priya Marwah Doornbos
    Business Attorney

  2. Nadene says:

    Nadene Woelfel
    Krepe-Kraft Invitations & More
    a division of Mod Pac

  3. Hi Everyone!

    Nancy Myrland, Professional Marketing Advisor

    I partner with law firms to help them figure out how to grow by strengthening their relationships with their clients through the use of social and actual marketing methods.

  4. Special Projects Manager at Siegfried & Jensen, a personal injury law firm.

  5. The call this morning was excelent. One of the key take-aways I received was to spend time at social media sites where you think your clients are or where they will be in the future. Hearing from Adrian and Melanie about the power and theory behind JD Supra was particularly helpful. I am signing up for Martindale-Hubell Connected. I am very grateful to Adrian for putting together this conference call series on social media.

  6. (Sorry, forgot my Twitter name Adrian!)

    Nancy Myrland, Professional Marketing Advisor, Myrland Marketing, Inc.

    I partner with lawyers and firms to grow their business by strengthening their relationships with their clients through the use of actual and social marketing methods.

    @nancymyrland or

  7. Greg George says:

    Enjoyed the discussion very much… In my short time participating with social media, I have learned that if you position yourself as the expert to help others first and foremost by providing quality content on both LinkendIn and Twitter, it will come back to you 10 fold in inquires, and resulting referrals – but it is essential that you engage with personal interactive dialog, the first pillar to building trust.

    My sincere thanks to both Nancy and Adrian for their guidance early on when I first got involved.

    Greg George
    GTI Advisors Threat Management Practice Group

  8. Rob Corwin says:

    I’m a creative consultant who has helped a number of law firms build memorable brands. I am currently working with a client interested in the potential of social media.

    Rob Corwin
    @RobCorwin or


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