Is social media REALLY worth the effort?


3742-5x7highThis past Friday we had a great conversation in my Weekly Voir Dire Conference Call. (CLICK the PLAY button above to listen to the recording of last week’s call) The title of the call was “Overcoming Objections to Social Media and the ‘Grumpy Old Man’ Syndrome.”  A young attorney, I believe it was Ilana Deutsch joined us on the call, and asked this question:

“I am a solo attorney, is it REALLY worth the effort to learn social media?”

It is a great question, one that I hear almost daily, and we had some great responses to that and other questions on our call. I have recorded the call, and posted it above, feel free to listen in and hear what the participants had to say.  What questions do you have about social media for lawyers?

Join the conversation!   We would love to have you join us on our call this coming Friday at 10:00 AM EST entitled, “Pick Your Poison: Choosing the Right Social Media Site”.

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3 Responses to “Is social media REALLY worth the effort?”

  1. Slavica says:

    From my perspective i should look for getting advices and expert help online;now it is on you to develop your social media efforts;/you mentioned personality if i am right?/it make sense..ability to attract someone’s attention grows your position.I wondering how many online consumers are there to go out on your web site and make a contact?maybe it is still low,below our expectations/It perhaps takes a connection with your social media partners ,to bring together and give each other a support-hardly that you alone can do much without it..i don’t know,but judging according to twitter where we met ,it is really important getting online cooperation ,getting others involved,spreading the i do if i were there with you../think about real presence/
    Thank you,you good good job,i like it since being an advocate myself from 1994-2007 /no more/

    • You make a number of different points, but I think the big questions is, can you benefit from social media if NOBODY else around you is using it. It does make it tough, because creating content is only part of the equation. LISTENING is just as important, probably more so. You need to create content to share, and listen to find out what resonates in your market. If there are not many other people in your country on Twitter, then it will help you build international contacts- but not domestic ones. Depending on your goals that may be worthwhile, for most people they need local partners to bring in business and referrals through social media.


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