Week 4: Start Using Google Analytics

Is your web page converting visitors to customers?

So you have your Twitter account open, your blog active, and your business web page decked out like a shining city on a hill. How do you know if it is working? How much volume does your site get? Where do your visitors come from? How long do they hang out? How often do they return? What percent of the traffic reflects new visitors?

Yikes, these are a lot of hard questions. Fortunately, the world of analytics can help solve some of these questions. There are a variety of software solutions out there, but for now I would like to focus on one that is free and not completely alien.

What is “Google Analytics?” google_analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that can measure visits to your web site, page views, and average number of pages per visit. Google Analytics can track traffic down to specific cities. You can find out how long potential clients visit your page, and what percent of visits are new to your site. For users of AdWords you can track the utility of various key words. The goal is to find out how much of the traffic to your site results in a sale or other form of desirable outcome (conversion).

You can use the software to see which landing pages are working better for your business. You can even conduct “Multivariate Testing” and try out different web pages to see which generate the most conversions. This is done with Google Website Optimizer.

You can find out more about what Google Analytics can do at http://www.google.com/analytics/tour.html. To gain a deeper knowledge of the subject Analytics Evangelist for Google, Avinash Kaushik has written a book titled, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, 2007.

David Derrico

My guest writer David Derrico, esq has decided to dive in to social media. Every Monday his blog posts will illustrate what he has learned in the past week, and what he has to share. Hopefully those of you new to social media will find his posts helpful. In addition, I will be holding FREE weekly conference calls each Friday at 10:00 AM EST to help new professionals as they try to figure out social media. This Friday’s call is titled, “Twitter Etiquette: Play Nice, Make Money ” -you can sign up for the call here.


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