UK Conference Call Roll Call

Thanks for joining us on the call!  Please announce who you are in the comments section- what you do, and a link to your website and Twitter ID!

Mine would be like this:
Adrian Dayton

Professional Twitter Guy

@adriandayton on Twitter

I work with large law firms on implementation of social media strategy.


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  1. Mindi Giftos says:

    Thanks for putting on this conference, Adian. I look forward to it! I am an IP lawyer in Madison, WI with a focus on Internet marketing and social media.

    Mindi Giftos, @IntellectLawyer

  2. Matt Elson says:


    Account Executive – Websites, marketing CRM and intranets for Law Firms

  3. Hi Adrian

    Enjoying the call! Great to hear about ROI, connections and results. I work for Intendance and we work with a lot of law firms on their social media here in the UK.

  4. Michele Balseca says:

    Hello. I am the firm administrator and am just learning about social media. Many attorneys at our firm are ready to jump in. Don’t want to just jump in without understanding how to use the “tools”. Looking forward to Boot Camp. Todays conversation has been very enlightening — ROI, who will be most successful, being indirect vs blasting out info, etc., great stuff!

  5. Rob Corwin says:

    Marketing and creative consultant focused on the legal industry.

    Thanks to all for sharing their thoughts this morning/afternoon.

    • First One On says:

      Peter Bowen

      @first_one_on twitter

      Social media communications are playing an even bigger role in marketing the lawfirm as we have seen significant (and staggering) growth in FaceBook searches for legal service almost matching the number of relevant searches on Google. Coupled with the power that Twitter offers in announcing events and news with links to pages of content on FaceBook, Blogs and Websites. And we cannot forget the impact of mobile devices… but that’s another story!

      Peter Bowen
      Managing Director
      SEO Strategist

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