Once A Day- The Rainmaker’s Rule

I met Nick as I walked down to the take the ferry in to Sydney.  I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going, so he was nice enough to guide me to the dock. He was wearing a suit, I was wearing a suit, and we were about the same age- so we quickly became friends. Nick is a highly successful architect working in downtown Sydney, and running into him turned out to be a serendipitous occurrence, a happy accident.  Not only did Nick walk me to the Ferry, but once we landed at the Sydney Harbour I had some extra time so he gave me a walking tour of some of the most spectacular architercture in Sydney.  He asked me about what I did, so I told him about Social Media for Lawyers, and he was very curious as to how social media might help someone like him bring in more business.  So I laid out some of the basics for him.  He then taught me something very valuable:

“I just try and do ONE business development activity every day.  Whether it is a coffee with a potential client, meeting someone for breakfast, or even just a simple phone call.”

When he said this, it stopped me in my tracks.  Sure it was simple, no fancy technology required, but what he shared with me is a routine and a process for business development.  He schedules it every single day.  Professionals interested in bringing in business, or “making rain” would be benefited greatly if they would schedule time for at least one business development activity every day. 

There is great power in process.  What is your process?  What are you doing every day?  

Adrian Dayton is a New York Attorney and author of the book Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition  Each Friday you can join the conversation on his FREE Friday conference calls to learn how to bring in more business.  This week the topic is “How Professionals Can Unlock the Power of Online Videos”  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CALL 


4 Responses to “Once A Day- The Rainmaker’s Rule”

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I enjoyed what Nick had to say….a really good point. Business really is about relationship building, and is so easy to forget in the hustle to sell, sell, sell.
    I like his philosophy and will keep it in mind for myself. I am sure you enjoyed your time in Australia.
    Cindy @notjustagranny
    p.s. you created a very good visual picture of the encounter and lucky you to get a guided tour 🙂

  2. Boyd Butler says:


    I always send a post card to someone when I’ve had a
    conversation with them or a meeting.

    I’ve got five mini-marketing lessons on cards
    and I send them out with a personal note.

    It takes just 3 minutes when I’m drinking my
    coffee. Seems to work pretty well.

    No-one sends handwritten notes and it always
    worked when I was a kid when I thanked my aunts!

    They kept sending me money!


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