LegalmindsTV Interviewing me about value of social media

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8 Responses to “LegalmindsTV Interviewing me about value of social media”

  1. Bruce Colwin says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with our audience!

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Great points and I love your niche. Like many professionals, lawyers need to understand and utilize the power of personal branding.
    I am glad I discovered your blog, I know some lawyer friends who I will direct to this great resource.


  3. Ray says:

    Thanks for sharing the interview. it is obvious that you are an expert and certainly worthy of having a say in how things work. Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom with us in this space!

  4. Hi Adrian, great interview and it reinforces a lot of what we have learned by experience over the last 18 months of really actively using social media in our firm. In particular, using separate social media accounts to develop niche channels has worked well. We have separate twitter accounts and blogs for ag law, social media law (policies) and employment law. As a small firm this has allowed us to build credibility and access traditional publicity in a way we never would without social media. Wish I had known about you when we started out!

  5. Great video–enjoyed watching it!

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