Your website bio is not enough

For my first year of talking to law firms about social media I spent most of the time convincing them that yes it mattered and yes there were buyers of legal services using the internet.  At that time there wasn’t much hard data to back me up.  This is no longer the case. In the past year there have been numerous reports pointing to the obvious:

Your online presence matters.

You are now expected to have more than just a website bio and the research coming out in a new survey from BTI Consulting supports this. Here are some of the highlights:

“Online presence is now so pervasive, 51.4% of corporate counsel will stop and think a minute before hiring a lawyer who lacks a credible online presence in addition to their official law firm bio.”

Marcie Shrunk, BTI Principal also added “70% use LinkedIN as a tool while half of those rely on LinkedIN for hiring and selection criteria.” She continues “clients and potential clients want to check out bios and background on a site other than the law firm’s to learn something new or verify what they have seen elsewhere.”

Click here for a complimentary copy of the survey from BTI


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