Twitter Usage by AmLaw 100 Firms

Thanks to Samantha Collier for her help in assembling this list of Firm Twitter accounts for the AmLaw 100. If we missed your firm’s primary Twitter account, please email that information to

Notes about the chart: High activity equals >500 total tweets, Medium is >100 total tweets and Low is for firms with less than 100 total tweets.

Klout score was calculated at based on firm Twitter handles.


14 Responses to “Twitter Usage by AmLaw 100 Firms”

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for an awesome list. But please tell us: How do you determine klout?

  2. david says:

    I just did an analysis of these statistics to my blog

    Here :

    Sorry, i dont’ speak english, it’s difficult for me.

  3. Ted Brooks says:

    Thanks to you & Samantha for putting this together.

    Hard to believe any of these firms would have double or single digits in any category. Seems like one firmwide email request would garner several hundred followers.

    Klout scores seem to indicate minimal interest, possibly due to lack of substantive content?

    I think firms are taking blogging more seriously now, but apparently not other forms of social media, which in turn can drive more traffic to the blog.

    Also, looking forward to speaking together in Monterey!

    My blog:

  4. Nancy Slome says:

    Adrian and Samantha: Really appreciate your time and effort putting this together. Very much needed…

    I predict this chart will soon be making the rounds at law firms everywhere!

  5. If you’re interested in social media metrics for law firms, we’re providing a comprehensive and regularly updated set of data from Twitter, Klout, PeerIndex and LinkedIn – currently we have data for 278 worldwide firms including all of the AmLaw 100.

    Take a look at:


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