This Law Firm Gets Social Media @GoodwinProcter

This post is by Samantha Collier. Every Monday she will profile a law firm that does social media right.  This week it’s Goodwin Procter, one of the nation’s leading law firms with offices all over the world including Boston, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and London.  Goodwin Proccter LLP is also number 35 on the AmLaw 100 list for 2010. 


Goodwin Procter’s website is simple yet impressive.  It’s branded in the usual blue and black and includes vivid images that definately impress. The usual headlines apprear such as: people, practices, offies, our firm, news, events, publications, etc.  Their awards and nominations are listed on the homepage but it doesn’t scream over confidene and self promotion.  Goodwin does share their social networks on their homepage. 


Goodwin Procter’s Facebook page is one of my favorites. It includes almost all of my favorite features:

  • Custom designed landing page
  • Separate locations page
  • RSS feed of News
  • Separate Twitter tab
  • Newsletter sign up tab
  • Photo Albums
  • Customized vanity URL

Goodwin Procter isn’t using the JD Supra Legal Updates tab on their Facebook page nor do they display photo albums of their attorneys and staff.  The font on their locations page is a little small as well but it’s definitely readable.  These would be my only suggestions.  The firm’s Facebook page currently has 128 likes. Most posts are blog posts via an automated publishing feature.  Comments are allowed which is nice!


Goodwin’s Twitter page currently has 557 followers and follows 571 people.  They have been listed 38 times which is always a good sign.  They post often and use Hootsuite for publishing as you can tell by the URL shortner The background is branded again in the traditional black and blue.  I love how the imaging and style matches across their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as their website.  They also retweet other content which is neat. Kudos to whoever is directing their Twitter account!


There isn’t much to say about LinkedIn pages these days as they are all generally the same.  Goodwin Procter does LinkedIn company pages right and includes their recent blog posts and news.  They haven’t post a status update yet but I’m sure that’s coming soon!

All in all Goodwin is doing an excellent job with their social media strategy.  I look forward to seeing what’s coming up next!


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  1. Scott Preston says:

    I would like to know what success Goodwin has seen via Facebook. It seems they have a fairly good understanding of what Facebook can do. How do they benefit?


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