Top 6 Social Media Posts This Week

Here are six of the top social media stories being discussed in the blogosphere right now. Enjoy!


Best Writing Techniques for Online Readers from the Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog.  As we all know, writing content for a blog is much different than preparing legal documents.  This article is full of great tips about writing content for online readers.  Do you know the four common qualities of digital marketing content that make it stand out from convention marketing copy? Check out the link to find out! You’ll be happy you did.


3 Pinterest Tools That Will Have You #Pinning in No Time from Top Rank by Ashley Zeckman. Are you pinning yet? According to the statistics, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. This article shares 3 useful tools to help you master the art of pinning. Also, if you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, please feel free to contact me and I’ll send you an invite.


4 Ways to Grow a Twitter Following That Matters from the Social Media Examiner by Rich Brooks. Do you use Twitter for business development? If so, how is it working for you? Check out this neat article on how to grow a relevant Twitter following. Remember it’s not how many followers you have, but how many relevant followers you have! The first pointer explains how to find and follow relevant people. A definite must read.


Facebook Allows Users to Download Expanded Archive of their Information from Inside Facebook by Brittany Darwell. Even if you don’t use Facebook for business development, you’ll be interested to know that Facebook has now increased the amount of data it provides users when they download their info from the site such as catalogues of friend requests users make, IP addresses they’ve logged in from and previous names used. This is an interesting read for those interested in Facebook privacy settings and issues.

Search Engine Optimization

Does SEO Work for Attorneys from the SEO for Law Firms Blog by Gyi Tsakalakis. Is search engine optimization part of your online marketing strategy?  Check out this article to find out which SEO strategies work best and which ones to ignore.  Gyi also discusses that many forms of online engagement that serve a purpose in acquiring new business from the web.


LinkedIn Adds Ability to Target Follower Updates from the Marketing Pilgrim by Cynthia Boris.  By now, I’m sure you all have created Law Firm Company Pages for your law firm, but did you know that you can now target follower updates?  You can now send updates to a specific segment of your follower list.  It’s important to grow the number of followers your Company Page has to make this new feature work.  As of now, this service is only available to a chosen few but they’ll start to roll out to the masses soon.


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