What is one habit you recommend to all entrepreneurs?

This was the question posed to Seth Godin (marketing guru, author of 17 books and famous for having built a company that was sold to Yahoo!) at a recent meeting I attended with him thanks to z80 labs. What one habit did Seth Godin recommend to all entrepreneurs? I expected him to say something like, “always be reading new books,” or “take an hour every day to improve your business,” or maybe “compliment your employees as much as possible.” But he didn’t say any of those things.

Seth Godin speaking at z80 Labs

Seth Godin speaking at z80 Labs

Instead, his advice to entrepreneurs was this:

blog daily

Really? This advice took me by surprise for two reasons, first because I haven’t had time to blog daily since my first year in the legal industry and second because I’ve always thought that blogging once or twice per week was plenty.

He went on to explain why you need to blog daily. Blogging helps you to be more honest with yourself, Seth explained. It allows you to keep thinking of new ideas and forces you to communicate these ideas.

When Seth shared this, my only thought was, well, I guess its worth a try. So here I am starting my first workday of 2014 with a blog post. I can’t promise I will get something written every day, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Seth’s book Tribes was a major source of inspiration for me to leave the grind of working for someone else and start my own business. Maybe this daily blogging thing can help me too.

Happy New Year and best of luck in 2014!

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