Adrian Dayton to launch social media app for attorneys


Legal marketing consultant Adrian Dayton to launch social media app for attorneys

Start-up receives $400,000 from tech incubator and angel investors

BUFFALO, NY (Feb. 21, 2014) – Legal social media expert Adrian Dayton will launch a social media sharing and analytics tool for law firms in April. Called ClearView Social, the software application helps attorneys more easily share content with their professional networks through LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms. The start-up recently received $400,000 in funding from technology incubator Z80 Labs Inc. and several angel investors. Currently being tested by a select group of large law firms, ClearView Social will be widely available in April.

Dayton developed ClearView Social based on hundreds of interviews with client firms on their social media usage. Dayton is a weekly columnist for The National Law Journal and a published author of two books, Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition and LinkedIn and Blogs for Lawyers: Building High-Value Relationships in a Digital Age (co-authored by Amy Knapp). He speaks and trains on social media for law firms throughout the U.S. and globally.

“Lawyers today are blogging, writing articles, publishing e-alerts and more to educate their clients and demonstrate their expertise,” Dayton said. “However a lot of that content never gets shared by other attorneys in the firm who have large professional networks who might be interested in the content. This tool solves that problem by making it incredibly easy to share content.”

With ClearView Social, one person in the firm (likely the chief marketer) will create a queue of content to be shared in an email template. When attorneys receive the email, they will click a link, which will automatically launch the software. There they’ll find a pre-populated box with the content and links to share via various social media platforms. Twitter and LinkedIn are integrated in the tool, allowing attorneys to share on those networks without leaving the ClearView Social application.

The application also tracks each link, enabling law firms to see how many attorneys in the firm are actually sharing content, and how popular the content is with audiences. A “leaderboard” will showcase the top sharers as well as whose links get the most clicks.

“When I first started speaking to large law firms about social media, the attorneys looked at me as if I was speaking another language,” Dayton said. “Five years later, I have worked with dozens of the largest firms in the U.S. and across the world. Every firm I work with wants to get a better handle on social media.”

Dayton will be posting details on ClearView Social, including the launch date, on Twitter (@adriandayton) and his website,


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5 Responses to “Adrian Dayton to launch social media app for attorneys”

  1. Tom Collins says:

    Congratulations! I think you’ve come up with a “killer app” for lawyers to leverage social marketing. The analytics part should make it useful even for small firms and solos. And the gamification angle should help larger firms get everyone involved in cross-marketing in ways we rarely saw when I was in practice back in ancient times (pre-2001). ;-D

  2. Samantha Collier says:

    Way to go Adrian! This is H-U-G-E!

  3. Andrea says:

    I would be interested in knowing how your app is any different than Hootsuite, Buffer App or a whole host of other apps that already do this for ANY type of business large, small or niche…other than you are “marketing” it to law firms? I think this is a fair question?

    • Great question Andrea. I’m a huge fan of Hootsuite and Buffer App and all the of the many awesome social media apps. I use them and love them. The challenge for large organizations though is harnessing the power of the individuals networks of lawyers that are not tech savvy and have no interest in scheduling or buffering updates. The major problem I’m trying to solve is this one, how does a CMO or Marketing Director instigate widespread disemination of important updates through networks they don’t control. Namely, those of the Partners within the firm. The problem of organizational coordination is widespread, and I think this solution will appeal to any large organization that publishes a substantial amount of content. I’m starting with law firms because their IP is especially valuable and sharing that information with the right people has a higher potential benefit for organizations selling very expensive services.


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