Bufferapp, a better way to schedule your posts

This week I’m kind of on a metaphor kick, so here we go. Think of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter like an ocean of people. There is high tide (when everybody is checking-in online, and looking to see what’s new) and low tide, where most people are getting their work done or have gone home and can do something more fun then checking Facebook.

Ideally, we would always send our posts out at high tide when they have the highest probability of being read. It isn’t always the same time, but there are trends and patterns. I used to always schedule my posts using Hootsuite.com and I would make sure they were posted at 9am, 12pm, or 5pm (potential high tide window) but that doesn’t always work. Wednesday at 5pm is high tide on Twitter, but Friday at 5pm it is a ghost town.

Bufferapp is a free tool that solves this problem by automatically sending out your message at the next instance of increased traffic. Up late at night and want to share, but don’t want people to know you are reading about IP law at 2am? Use Buffer. If you are using Google Chrome, it’s integrated right into many sites, including Facebook. If you are using a different browser, just head over to bufferapp.com and sign, it only takes a couple of seconds.


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  1. Stacey says:

    Are you using Bufferapp instead of Hootsuite entirely now?

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