Fundamentals vs. Innovation

Innovation is a powerful thing. But it can also be a distraction. In my experience the only professionals who are successful with social media and technology have sound business fundamentals to begin with. If a lawyer wants to effectively use social media or a blog they need to be able to answer fundamental questions like:

Who is my ideal client?

Where are the best places to find this type of client?

What types of problems can I solve for them?

Often times we think innovation is a short cut, an easier way to bring in business without having to actually work. The truth is quite the opposite. The internet and social media are simply magnifiers. If we have solid strategy and solid fundamentals- the internet can help us leverage those. If we are lacking in these areas, the internet won’t provide us the visibility we are looking for.

My favorite firms to work with aren’t the firms that have the best technology, the ones with iPhones and tablets. The best firms to work with are the firms that have had business development and sales training. The ideal lawyer for me to work with is a lawyer that knows how to pick up the phone and set up an appointment with a prospect. For a lawyer like that, social media is a catalyst that helps them do more with their skill set.

I love innovation, but without the basics, I think innovation for the sake of innovation is a mistake.


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