Gut Check on New Year’s Resolutions

For 7 weeks I have been checking off boxes and completing my goals like clockwork.68254_491_m4-9_c_md

5:30 am wake up

6:00-7:00 am CrossFit workout

7:30-8:15 family time, get kids on the bus

8:30 write a new blog post

9:15 start my workday like a champion, ahead of the game.

Then I hurt my shoulder. It started bugging me after my workout last Wednesday—so I gave it a few days off and didn’t return to CrossFit until Saturday for a normal workout. Big mistake, Sunday morning I could barely lift my arm above my head.

A few minutes of internet research confirmed that I probably injured my rotator cuff and at worst needed surgery, at best I was out of commission for a few weeks. So disappointing, and definitely not part of my goals and plans for 2014.

Monday morning I had to break my entire routine, went to see the Doctor instead of working out, missed seeing my kids off to school and was running late by the time I got back and didn’t get a blog post written. No exercise and no blog post. So frustrating.

It was a setback, a change in plans. I believe that how we respond to set-backs determines how successful we are in life at all the things we work towards. I’ve missed a few days of blogging and I’ll have to replace my CrossFit routine with running or biking for a while, but I want to keep my momentum going. It is so hard to get momentum started, but so easy to lose it. Here’s to a serious gut check on your New Year’s resolutions and getting over the hurdles thrown your way.

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