A Big Change In More Than Just The Name

Five years ago I launched the first social media consultancy dedicated to the legal profession. I had one big question, should my company be the Adrian Dayton Company or some other clever name? I went back and forth on this point and asked some of my top Twitter friends like Gini Dietrich and Julio Varela what they thought I should do. They basically told me it would depend on what I wanted out of my company. In the end I decided to go with the Adrian Dayton Company, and then as my team grew we became Adrian Dayton & Associates. At the time I was working hard to make a name for myself in the industry, so it made sense to use my name. But today I want to announce a big change. My software company ClearView Social Inc., has officially launched their marketing website, and it will now be my primary focus. You can see it here: http://clearviewsocial.com and you can watch this Youtube video to see what the software does:

I’m the Founder of ClearView Social, but the company is far more than just me. Our team includes a very talented designer, statistician, and software engineer. You can learn more about them at http://clearviewsocial.com. Feel free to say hello to them and connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We have a massive challenge ahead of us. We are looking to make a dent in the legal universe and change the way law firms and lawyers participate in business development. This isn’t something I could do alone, and truthfully our team can’t do it alone. We are going to depend on our network of very smart people and on the wisdom of crowds. Our software is going to collect large amounts of data on sharing globally that will help law firms learn and improve the way they connect the right types of content with their ideal customers. Please come along for the ride!

ClearView Social is currently in private beta with a handful of law firms, but our public launch will be coming soon. Email info@clearviewsocial.com for more details or to see a demo. As for my speaking, writing and consulting, those will continue because they are all part of who I am. The difference is that with the help of the ClearView Social software, we can bring about change to the legal profession much more quickly.

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