Joining the Early Shift

Do you remember the classic TV show The Twilight Zone? There was one episode in particular that I think about some time. There was a soldier that suddenly noticed time had stopped, for everybody but him. He walked around and there were people outside frozen in time. Everything was standing perfectly still.o-TWILIGHT-ZONE-BRYAN-SINGER-facebook

Waking up early feels a little bit like that old episode. Everyone is asleep in their beds, and the roads and sidewalks are almost completely empty. I’ve discovered early mornings this year, and I love it. I’ve been waking up at about 5:30 and heading to Cross Fit or hitting the golf course. I can complete 9 holes of golf before many people are even awake. I’m not the only one out there, but I might as well be.

I’ve really been enjoying these early mornings, and it got me to thinking that staying up late doesn’t compare. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix and staying up late with a good book, but there is something magical about early mornings. No distractions, just the chance to accomplish what matters most to you.

I’ve been a night owl for the last few years, it was really the only way to keep my sanity after working a long day and finally getting the kids to sleep. Staying up late was the only way to get a break, until I joined the early shift. I may be behind on Luther, Orange is the New Black, and Sherlock – but I’m getting stronger and my golf game is showing signs of improvement and those things are more satisfying to me than a great episode of my favorite show.

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