Why do I share posts to Twitter three times?

Someone asked me recently, “why do you post the same thing to Twitter three times?” The answer is simple and backed by data. Articles shared three times to Twitter over three days get almost three times the clicks. Think about it, Twitter is this river of content with articles continuously flowing by. People will rarely go to your feed to look at every single article you have posted, they just notice what has been posted lately. So, when you have a new blog post, or you’ve found a great article you love and your audience seems to love, go for the triple post. Three times over three days, at different times of the day. You can use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule these, or our product ClearView Social has a built-in setting to automate triple-posting over ideal times.

But won’t it annoy people if you post the same thing three times?

Almost certainly not. Let’s look at this two ways. If one of your followers loves what you post, they don’t mind seeing it three times, especially if they missed it the first two times. Looking at it another way, if your follower hates the article you post, and his anger just grows each time he sees the article, he is likely to unfollow you. Is there really any value to having a follower that isn’t really into what you are posting? People that love you will want more of you, people that aren’t as committed—good riddance.

Will it look weird on your personal Twitter page that you posted the same article three times?

No. Think about it, do you have time to analyze someone’s Twitter page for duplicate posts? Me neither. Nobody notices, and if they do, at worst they will be curious as to why you posted the same thing multiple times. If they ask, maybe share this post with them?

Does this apply to Facebook and LinkedIn?

No. Facebook and LinkedIn are both very different networks because of their nature. Facebook is highly social, and posts are meant to be engaged with, not just read. You will annoy people by posting the same articles multiple times to either of these networks.


Online people vote with their mouse. They click on the content they love and ignore the content they don’t. If you are sharing great content that is of value to your network, post it multiple times. The hardest part is creating or finding great content, the easier part is getting visibility from it. You just gotta get it out there.

Happy sharing.

Adrian Dayton is the author of two books on social media for professionals and the Founder of ClearView Social, the leading social sharing tool for the legal industry, with clients in accounting, recruiting, insurance as well as publishing. You can learn more at http://clearviewsocial.com


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