Single Tweet Wins Business for Regional Law Firm

Last week, a partner in an established VC firm told me “I chose a local law firm over a national law firm this week because of a single tweet.”

Let me preface this post by stating that I am a huge fan of Twitter and social media in general for business development. In fact, that may be an understatement. I wrote the book on Twitter for lawyers, literally. Way back in 2009. So, yes, I am biased towards social media. That said, one of the major lesson I’ve learned is to not to oversell Twitter. Many times I’ve said, “It’s not like a single tweet is going to win you business.”

I have now been proven wrong. Dead wrong. And I’m thrilled.

“It all came down to timing,” shared the VC partner. “I had just gotten a quote on a specific piece of work I needed done from a national law firm and, frankly, I wasn’t happy about the price tag. That same day, coincidentally, I saw this local firm, who I’ve done work with in the past, tweet about very similar work that they do. So I responded to their tweet and, not only did they win the business, but they are charging almost half of what the national firm charges for the same work.”

Serendipity obviously played a role, but doesn’t it always in business development?

“You’ve got to play in traffic if you want to be hit by a car” is one of my favorite business development quotes by Jim Durham (Previously CMO to McGuire Woods and Ropes & Gray and now Managing Director at GrowthPlay). Meaning: you’ve got be seen by clients and potential clients, and Twitter is just another great way to gain visibility and be in the right place at the right time.

Will a single tweet win business for you and your firm? Maybe not, but decision makers are out there and they are reading tweets.┬áThose who are tweeting, sharing articles on LinkedIn and even Facebook are staying top-of-mind. In a moment referred to by branding and marketing experts as “the moment of truth,” buyers of all products and services are extremely susceptible to messaging. The right tweet at the right time can make the difference between your firm getting hired and losing out to the local firm right down the street.

Adrian Dayton is an attorney, author of Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition and founder of ClearView Social, a software solution that makes it easy for firms to get busy partners sharing firm generated content to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. To learn more go to

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