My Daily Blogging Experiment: Month 2

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started blogging daily, following the advice of digital marketing legend Seth Godin. I thought it might be interesting to share with you how my readership has changed with this jump.

In December (before my daily blogging experiment began) I was blogging maybe once or twice a month- but I received most of my traffic from Google because I had hundreds of posts on my blog from the last five years that attracted attention.

December numbers: 1,435 page views
January numbers: 3,878 page views

So blogging daily (business days only had a big effect, but 5X the writing didn’t increase my readership 5X (at least not in the first month.)

What was more interesting were the numbers from, a great company that helps distribute my content.

December numbers: 3,176 views (so I get more readers of my content on JD Supra then on my own site, crazy right?)
January numbers: 11,911 views

By blogging daily my numbers on JD Supra increased 375%

Let me just break this down one step further and explain that there are 3 types of posts for me: average posts, very good posts and viral posts. Most of my posts were just average, getting 100-200 views. A few were very good, with 200-500 views and then only one last month was “viral” meaning it received thousands of views.

My viral posts last month was, “What lawyers put in their bios compared to what lawyers want in their bios.” The post took me 15 minutes to put together, but was successful because of Matt Homan’s clever graphic.

I’ve made this point more than once, and I’ll make it again, you need to write a lot to come up with a post that goes viral. If you write once a month, your sample size is just too small.

Keep writing and eventually you will have posts that will go big.