My 1st UK Review: “a must read for all law firms”


Adrian Dayton’s timely book on Twitter for the Legal Profession: Social Media for Lawyers:Twitter Edition is a ‘must-read’ for all law  firms.

Indeed, it should be studied avidly, not only by lawyers, but also by any professional service firm that wants to grow its business fast using Web 2.0 techniques.

As a successful New York attorney turned social media guru, Dayton deals with his subject comprehensively and with an easy authority.

He begins by dismissing, with an unanswerable charm, the main excuses that the legal profession commonly gives for avoiding Twitter. Indeed, in a world where the High Court in London has recently authorised the service of formal legal proceedings by Twitter, it is difficult to understand how anyone can now fail to see the relevance of Twitter to the legal profession.

The author goes on to explain, with a kindly guiding light, how to set yourself up on Twitter, how to find people to follow and how to establish your own following. More importantly, the book bursts with practical advice and tips on lead generation and marketing and the secrets of how to turn tweeps …into clients.

The depth and power of Twitter is not immediately apparent to new tweeters. Many people just do not ‘get it’ at all. This book gives you the do’s and don’t’s upfront and shares the inside secrets that will save you weeks of trial and error.

It is both an honour and a pleasure for me to endorse this book in the week when my own firm’s Twitter following has surpassed 5000. It is also an act of great selflessness on my part that I may live to regret. In the vernacular of the Twitterstream:

@London_Law_Firm: MEMO TO UK LAWYERS. Follow @adriandayton. He rocks. His book is a gem, a veritable Twitter-piece of Web 2.0 wisdom. Read and learn.

Christopher J Sherliker
Silverman Sherliker LLP
t: @London_Law_Firm

To order your copy at the web discount of $95 simply email Daniel Smallwood quoting code AD-WEB to order – further details on the book can be seen by clicking here.

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