Things I Learned Speaking at #140conf

There are moments in your life of drudgery, joy, and surreality. This past week certainly fell in the surreal category. Wednesday morning I arrived at the Kodak Theater (you know, the place where they put on the Academy Awards?) just in time to hear one of the VC guys that bought Twitter explain how fortunate he felt to be an investor in Twitter. They currently value Twitter at over 1 billion dollars. That is crazy money.

After that, I heard Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, talk about their social media strategy- and then the guy that handles online content for Conan O’Brien, aka @bigbley. He showed the video below. I swear I was the only one in the audience busting a gut. Although I’m sure the others were silently typing into their Iphones “lol” Here is the video:

If you liked that hilarious Conan video, you are going to LOVE our panel about law and policy from the conference. After the Conan guy spoke, we heard Soleil Moon Frye (AKA Punky Brewster) and Billy Bush speak. You can only imagine after that star studded line up, people were dying to hear a bunch of lawyers speak. We were right after Billy Bush, and we were surprisingly well received. People have tons of questions about social media and how it relates to the law. I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with attorneys Glenn Manishin and Brett Trout You can view the complete panel by clicking HERE but I have embedded the portion where I speak below. I speak about 2 minutes in. Kind of a long flight for just 3 minutes of talk time.

The 140conf was a blast though, and I highly recommend it to others who are passionate about social media and networking with some of the most exceptional people on Twitter.

Oh yeah, and the things I learned at the #140conf are as follows:
1. Not everyone that is a big deal on Twitter has figured out how to make money.
2. Doctor Wave is actually a cool American guy that lives in Australia while he is perfecting his recipe for Google Wave.
3. Traffic in LA is in reality the worse thing imaginable. So happy to return to Buffalo, NY where I live 10 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes from the airport. I would gladly trade two hours sitting in my car stuck in traffic for two hours sitting in my warm home with my family during a Buffalo blizzard.
4. If you are large, wear a jersey, and have a lot of personality- you will fit right in at #140conf. Just ask my new friend Owen Stone
5. The next US #140conf is this May in NYC. Hope to see you there.

Adrian Dayton is a NY Attorney and writer of the book Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition Please join him for Friday’s conference call: “Pareto Efficient: Control Social Media, Don’t Let it Control You” Click HERE to receive call-in information.


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  1. bruce kirby says:

    mass transportation is great except such limited car parking and buses run not often…in LA. BIKE lanes please-even in Buffalo, NY my hometown


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