Don’t Tell Me- Show Me

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When I started working on my first book, a very good friend of mine, Rachel Nielson, gave me some great advice about writing. She explained to me that when telling a story it is so much more important to show people what is happening than to simply to tell them. Let me give you an example of how this works:

Tell: Yesterday I was in Arizona for a few days and I got to work on my laptop while sitting by the pool. It was nice.

Show: The keys of my laptop were hot to the touch as I started writing my latest blog post. The warm Arizona sun beamed down on my forehead as I leaned back in the poolside recliner. The thought crossed my mind, “Why do I live in Buffalo?”

You see in the SHOW version you paint a picture for people, help them imagine what is going on. That way people don’t have to take your word for it, because they are vicariously enjoying the moment with you.
This same principle applies to getting noticed online. Nobody wants to hear WHAT you can do for them. People hate being pitched and being sold. People do like to buy from people they trust and respect, and your best chance of getting their attention is by SHOWING them what you do.

There are a lot of ways to SHOW people the quality of your work. Blog posts, YouTube videos, and white papers- but perhaps even more valuable than any of these is allowing people to see your actual work product. The website JD Supra gives attorneys the chance to do just that.

This last Friday I welcomed onto my conference call Adrian Lurssen, co-creator of JD Supra. is a social networking site dedicated to the simple idea that sharing your writing and legal work is a great way to SHOW people what you are capable of.

Listen in on this 32 minute discussion to learn how lawyers and legal marketing professionals can get valuable exposure by simply sharing their written work with others. On the call Adrian Lurssen will also answer the questions:
“Won’t people just steal my work if I post it for free online?”
“How long does it take to post your work on JD Supra?
“What type of results are attorneys that use JD Supra having?”

It used to be that your resume and your bio was enough for a lawyer to bring in business. Not anymore.  We are living in a fiercely competitive world now- with consumers that are more educated than ever. JD Supra is a great platform to help attorneys get noticed and show the world what they are capable of. What do you have to show the world?

Adrian Dayton is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of New York. You can join his free conference calls ever Friday by clicking HERE. You can also get a free portion of his book, Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition by clicking HERE.


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  1. Ryan's Other Half says:

    Wow, that Rachel Nielson must be quite the English teacher!! Great post, Adrian.


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