2011 Blogs of the AmLaw 100

In September of 2010 I published the first list of the blogs of the AmLaw 100, and it has been one of my post popular articles of all time along with the companion piece in the National Law Journal “Which Law Firm Own the Most Digital Real Estate?”

At the time I invited Law Firms to email me at info@adriandayton.com as new blogs were created (which you are still invited to do), but the growth has been so large over the past 10 months that I decided to create an updated list with the changes in the AmLaw 100. Special thanks to the newest member of my team, Samantha Collier for all of her hard work in assembling the new data and helping to update the chart. Look for my article from the National Law Journal this Friday, “Are some law firms too big to blog?”

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  1. Jay Pinkert says:


    Thanks for the very useful overview. I hope to use it as a starting point for several of my own posts 🙂

    My sense is not that size itself deters blogging, but rather the cultural and organizational issues that arise from size. I wish I could say that the non-bloggers have a higher revelation about content marketing, but the evidence is just not there. The two culprits that spring to mind are:

    * Lack of a systemic marketing culture/sense of ownership
    * Lack of entrepreneurialism/sense of urgency

    Lack of engagement in social media marketing at even a basic level is likely a brand liability at this point.


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