The Power of the Retweet

Can 1 individual on Twitter spread a message to 1 million?

Learn how with this 1 minute video that teaches you how to retweet!

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Master the Direct Message (“DM”) on Twitter

This video explains the DM on Twitter. You want the advanced stuff? I know you do. Click here for 5 Twitter Secrets to turn Twitter into a lead generator for your business.

Jump In and Engage: 1 Minute Twitter Video

The number 1 reason people don’t “get” Twitter is that they don’t know what to talk about.  This quick one minute video will show you how to jump in and engage without looking like a rookie.

How To Create A Killer Twitter Profile

Just getting started on Twitter? Watch this 1 minute Twitter training video for tips on creating a great bio.

Twitter Training Videos


This is my first twitter training video.  This is for the skeptics, for people that don’t understand Twitter and don’t see the value in it.  If you like it, please pass it along to those not yet sold on the power of Twitter.

5 Ways To Make Your Blog Twitter Friendly

1. Add a “follow me” button. This is an easy way to let people know you use twitter, and there are tons to choose from- is a good site, but there are many others to choose from.

2. Put a “retweet” button in your blog posts. This way viewers don’t have to cut and paste, they just click on the “retweet button” and they can be on their way. Step by step details are here-

Looks like this:

Try it, its fun!

3. Talk about twitter…. sometimes. People on twitter love to talk about twitter and they love to hear about twitter. So, if you see a great question on twitter, write a blog post about it- this is a great way to drive traffic to your site. (If you’re reading this, it already worked)

4. Thank people on twitter for posting comments to your blog using @replies- this makes you appear much more accessible and gives positive reinforcement to your visitors.

5. Don’t tweet multiple announcements about your new blog post. Instead, use the back door method. You don’t want to be spamming your new blog post all over- so send DM’s to some close twitter friends and let them know about the new post. I’m sure they will gladly re-tweet it! But remember, do unto others – don’t ask someone to tweet about your new blog post if your not willing to do the same.

We are all still learning here, so I would love other ideas people might have. How else can blogs be more twitter friendly?

How To Make People Like You

To gain followers online you need people to like you. Here are the top reasons people will like you, your blog, your tweets, and your style.

1. Be Famous- everybody likes famous, so just do something truly exceptional and people will like you. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong are great examples. Just put together a pattern of work in your life making you one of the foremost in your field in the history of the world, and I can pretty much guarantee people will like you. For 99.9% of the world, myself included, this technique will most likely be impossible. Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be liked.

2. Be Interesting- check out guys like (I am using twitter names here) @mashable, @problogger, @guykawasaki, and @jowyang. These guys post interesting information on their blogs and twitter that is relevant and unique. You don’t have to post about social media like they do, but you do have to post information that is quality. That’s how the internet weeds out what is good and what is crap.

3. Be Nice- this could also include be respectful, be courteous, and be civilized. Language does matter. You drop the F-bomb on twitter or your blog and you will lose followers. I know what your thinking- “people that are offended by that kind of language aren’t the type of people I want to follow me anyway.” That’s fine, keep swearing like a sailor if its your thing- but people notice. Also, disagreement is in fact encouraged, just make sure it is respecful and never make it personal. Disagreeing sometimes starts the best discussions.

4. Be Complimentary- If you like a post, say so. If you like an article, share it. People will remember your kindness. It’s kind of the golden rule of the internet, do good to others and it will return to you. This is probably the easiest thing to do online to make you more liked.

5. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Self Promoting- The first rule of sales: People buy things from people they like. It is far more important to get people to like you, then to check out your site, your products, or your services. Once they like you they will check out your services out of curiosity. If they really like you they will tell others about your service. You want the connection to be personal, not product based.

Is you disagree, reply here, or I can be found @adriandayton on twitter.