What Steve Jobs Can Teach Law Firms About Marketing

Originally published in Thew National Law Journal on December 7, 2011

Most of you will have seen the famous Apple commercial, “Think Different” — if not, you can see it here. The ad featured clips of the “crazy ones” — Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Branson, to name a few.

Originally, Steve Jobs cut a track with his own voice narrating, but in the end he used the voice of Richard Dreyfuss. He explained to biographer Wal­ter Isaacson that he didn’t want the commercial to be about him. He wanted it to be about Apple.

The commercial isn’t really about Apple either, though; it is about a concept. The concept that even though you are mocked, fired, kicked out of your own company or worse, you still can change the world. The commercial was effective because ideas are so much more powerful than advertisements. Most commercials leave us entertained at best; the Apple spot actually is inspiring. Read more